May 2, 2009

We went out for a little while this afternoon and wound up at Tom Wahl’s in Avon. We had burgers, dogs, and frosty mug rootbeer. When we left the restaurant, we saw this…which I thought was cool.


As I was driving back towards home, I realized my bandage on my finger was loose. Perhaps I should back up. On Tuesday night, at work, I crushed the tip of my pinky between a door latch and a large steel cabinet. I went to the hospital, was there for 5 1/2 hours with the end result being a removed fingernail, a stitch in the nailbed, a tetnus shot, and no broken bones. Oh yeah, there was quite a bit of pain as well! So back to this afternoon… I noticed the dressing was loose so I thought I should redress it. I couldn’t just redress, I had to photograph as well…

WARNING: The photo that follows is gross and not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want to look, scroll down a ways to see a really cute picture of Erin.

If you really want to see it bigger, click…I went with a thumbnail here (no pun intended) so those grossed out wouldn’t have such a large photo to deal with.



While we were at the store getting bandage stuff, Erin decided she was cold, so I let her wear my sweatshirt…she is way too cute, so I had to photograph her as well.


One comment

  1. Okay, so I definitely prefer the photo of Erin over the finger photo!!! That just looks so darned painful.

    That truck is amazing. Someone must really love trains….or travel!

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