Perfect Day for a Race

May 2, 2009

Last night, while perusing the Rochester Running Page, we discovered that Northstar Christian Academy, the school where Kyle attended 5th and 6th grade, was having a 5 mile race today. Kyle decided he wanted to run in it, so this morning, we got up and headed out for what turned out to be near perfect running conditions. Kyle prefers running in cooler weather, so the just under 50 degree temps were perfect. There was no wind, and the sun was out as well, which I appreciated after standing there for nearly an hour.

As we waited for the race to start, we chatted with a couple of people that we knew. Then it was time for the start…


Pastor Grace and Mr. Boshnack getting ready to start the race.


The rest of the field…


Kyle prefers to start at the back of the race pack. It allows him to find his pace without being trampled by the fast starters.


As the race got underway, I sat on a nearby bench to wait for the finish and this tree caught my attention. As you can see from the sky in the background, it really was a beautiful morning.


While sitting on the bench, a perfectly charming young lady came over and sat down near me. She asked if someone I knew was racing and we struck up a conversation. She told me that she is home schooled and I found myself thinking that it was obvious. She was 15, and we had quite the interesting conversation about school, homeopathy, LEAH groups, running, music, and other interesting tidbits. It reminded me a lot of conversations with my own kids; conversations most kids wouldn’t be interested in…go home schooling! We passed the time waiting for the racers. Her brother, then her dad, then Kyle finished. Later she came over and asked Kyle about his time and congratulated him on a race well run. This young lady was quite impressive. I only wish I had gotten her name…

This last shot is a bit fuzzy, but here is Kyle near the finish line…


He always tries to sprint at the finish. His time was 43.31 and this was a 5 mile race, so his time was decent. This is his first race this year, so definitely not bad!


  1. Congratulations to Kyle on his 1st race of the new season!
    Now he can start to “think purple” in prep. for the Lilac 10K.

  2. Hurrah for Kyle!! That is fantastic!

    Sounds like you had some wonderful company as well! Very cool. And, of course, a thumbs-up for homeschooling here, too!!!

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