Turning Point Park

April 26, 2009

I managed to get the oil in my car changed this morning. It went remarkably faster than Jeff’s car except that the oil was like sludge. It’s been awhile! There is also a lot more room under the hood of my Taurus than his Alero, which helped with the speed of the oil change as well.  I still haven’t taken my car out for a spin yet. I don’t imagine the fresh oil will solve all of the car’s issues, but maybe it won’t hesitate quite so much. I’m not sure if Kyle was psyched or scared when I let him back the car off the ramps. His first time behind the wheel and he did very well. Good thing too, as the clearance between the back of the car and the fence was only about 8 inches when the car was completly off the ramps.

The kids and I went to Turning Point Park today and I got to take a bunch of pictures. The weather was, again, absolutely beautiful.  Just before we left, Joe was chillin’ on the futon.


While at the park we saw lots of boats.

Some were more sea worthy…




…than others.



On the other side of the path we were on was a wooded area with railroad tracks above. Here is a cool abandoned stairway that was beckoning to be photographed.


The path we traveled runs along the mouth of the Genesee River. At one point the path becomes a boardwalk that goes out over the river some. We were on the boardwalk when I took this. If you click to enlarge it, you can see more of the boardwalk across the picture.


We started out on a path that you can see in the picture above. It sarts up at the top of the hill and goes down a rather steep slope to the other end of the boardwalk. I didn’t think my back would tolerate the walk back up the hill, so we drove to a different area to go out on the baordwalk. This flowering tree was near where we first parked.


At one point along the path, as I turned around from taking a picture, I found Erin sitting on the path looking at the pictures on her own camera. I couldn’t resist taking her picture.


Kyle’s new sneakers are so white and nice that I had to take a picture of them. He danced around a bit thinking I was trying to photograph him, then finally he stopped and let me snap a shot of his shoe.


The kids thought these sheds were really cool. I thought so as well, after I cropped out all the extraneous stuff.


In between walks at the park, we drove Schallers and had burgers and dogs. Poor Sarah wanted fries, but everything is fried in soybean oil. Oh well. She seemed to enjoy her bunless hotdog anyway.

All in all we had a great time.


  1. Well, I am thrilled that “Lazy Joe” (hehehehe) was able to tear himself away from the recliner to go out for the day! I have no idea where this park is located, but it looks like a fun hike!!!

    Love the old rusty, boat….didn’t think they made boats from steel? Well, not small craft, anyway!

    Erin looks like she had a good time and Kyle’s sneakers are cool!

    Now….about those sheds? LOVE EM!!! Look at all the COLOR! Enough to make a camera cry for JOY!!!!!

  2. Turning Point is south, along the river, of the Charlotte pier. It really is a nice place. Joe actually stayed home since I wasn’t entirely sure where we were headed when we left. He and Jeff watched movies. I thought the colors on the sheds were awesome as well. That’s one picture I did not doctor the color on either!

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