Yummy Supper

April 21, 2009

Tired of the same 5 meals every week, I decided to go in search of something different. I found a recipe for “Fruity Tuna Salad.” My family definitely likes fruit, so I decided to give it a try. It called for: tuna, lemon yogurt, curry powder, grapes, dried dates, onion, celery, and toasted almonds. Onion and celery I can do without so I made it with everything but those two items. I was a bit aprehensive as I am not one to willingly try new foods, but this stuff was fantastically delicious! We stuffed it into pita pockets and I stuffed some lettuce in mine too. Very yummy stuff!



  1. Wow! Does that sound good! Sounds like something Erin would have dreamed up, with the tuna, fruit, and curry powder. Will have to give it a try — soon.

  2. Hmmm…..I cannot stand the SMELL of tuna. Too *kitty* for moi!!!! Perhaps made with chicken? I have had a serious hankering for a Waldorf salad lately…..

  3. Funny you should say that Mom. Jeff’s only complaint about it was that it had no tuna scent/flavor because of the other flavors.

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