Holy Angels Cemetery

April 20, 2009

I believe I have posted about this cemetery before, but it is such a fascinating place that I had to go back. This time the Nikon went with me and I got several great pictures. Last time the kids and I went in the summer when all the trees were dressed in their full greenery. This time they were quite naked except for a few evergreens that were well dressed. Jeff went with me and thought it was a cool cemetery as well. I searched a little for some history on it, but found nothing but a map of the burial plots.

The cemetery is in two parts. I have not actually walked through the newer part, only driven around it. The older part however is incredible. There is a long path that leads through a rather wet area ending in a tunnel through which one must travel to get to the older cemetery.



Unfortunately, due to the secluded nature of the place, youthful vandals have left some very vulgar graffiti. Last time I was there, the paintings inside the tunnel were quite beautiful. Now they are a mess and I’m not sure they are salvagable  considering what has been painted on top of them.  Very sad commentary on our youth. Anyway, as you exit the tunnel, you get a reasonable overview of the older part of the cemetery.


As we headed up the path to the headstones, this caught my attention.


Did you see the bumble bee in the center of the picture? I didn’t think it was warm enough yet…

We wandered through the few markers that are still left and read the few that are still legible. As we were walking along, the wind picked up and was blowing through the pine trees that can be seen in the picture of the overview. The sound it made is indescribable but it was incredible.  While wandering about, this tree caught my eye. Check out the relief in the bark.



This is what is inside the hole at the base of the tree.


As I was checking out a barely legible marker on the edge of a drop-off, this caught my eye.


As we were heading down the path, back to the car, I heard the distinct call of my favorite bird.  With a little keen listening and scanning of the treetops, I was able to locate him.


Here is the view from the old part of the cemetery, looking toward the tunnel.


Just the other side of the tunnel, I happened to glance down and thought this was cool.


When we got home, I discovered that my red flowers (don’t remember what they are) had bloomed. This is one of those random lucky shots. The picture was taken toward the windows. The blinds were down but there was a lot of daylight illuminating them. I was using my longer lens, so the field of view was super narrow. The background got completely washed out and left me with this really cool shot!


This last photo was actually taken on Friday (4/17) but it is just too cool not to share. This is what the sky looked like as we left the bookstore Friday evening.



  1. A great set of photos, Carly! If you look online, some cemeteries actually include a roster of those interred therein! That is too bad about the paintings in the tunnel. In all honesty, I think a lot of kids do things they would never otherwise do just because they are in a group….”mob hysteria” if you please. Yes, I hae seen Bumbles out in pretty chilly temps….they generally move “stiffly”! Yours is so pretty in the Myrtle. I had to laugh about the tree….you are a curious as I….I always have to see “what’s inside”! Looks like red was the highlight color of the day! Red cardinal and red Amaryllis. That was a very beautiful sunset!

  2. Lovely set of photos. Glad you guys had a nice day for your adventure.

    It is, indeed, a shame about that graffiti. I remember seeing the lovely paintings from your earlier visit.

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