Canal Walk Part II

April 12, 2009

These pictures are not in any particular order, they are just how I happened to put them in.

The color of the twig in contrast to the greenery under the water caught my attention. I really like the way it turned out. 


This shot was all for the reflection. I am particularly fond of reflections.


I also really like coils of rope, especially on old boats.


The red berries in contrast to all the brown were very attention grabbing.


This guy was watching the goings on while his owner was engaged in conversation.


My duck photos were taken from this observation deck. 


This wall was screaming to me to photograph it, and I of course could not resist.


I think this nest must have been from last year. The lack of leaves on the tree made it stand out.


I am not sure what made these holes, but it sure made for an intesting subject to photograph.


This is another site that was screaming to be photograph, but I had a rough time getting a good one because I obviously could not look through the lens at the sun, so I took several blind shots. The color photo was great, but it had a nasty magenta streak in it. I wasn’t sure how to remove it, so I decided to take the color out of it.


This dove decided to take flight just as I was ready to take it’s picture, so I got a great shot of it in flight.


I like photographing cemeteries, so this called to me as well.


This exploded catail had some great texture.


We had a fabulous walk and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


  1. Another beautiful set of photos! How lucky you were to catch that dove in flight!

  2. Very cool photos! I love photographing the “ordinary” as sometimes it turns out EXTRA-ordinary!

    I really like the Bassett Hound…what a cutie!

    I would venture that those holes in the tree were put there by woodpeckers. We have lots of trees that look just like that.

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