Not such a good day

April 7, 2009

baby-ducks-2On Sunday we decided to take a drive. We wound up at Tractor Supply Co. and found the cutest little things.


After checking out the cute little ducks, we headed home so I could go to a meeting with some of my Starbucks buddies.

The reason for the meeting was not a happy one. One of the women who works at my favorite Starbucks was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She is going to be having surgery at the end of the month. She is an amazing person, with a wonderful support system and is handling all of this quite well. We were meeting to try to organize a softball game to raise money for the American Cancer Society in her name.


While I was there I took a few pictures. The manager asked me to take a bunch of pictures over the next few weeks, as the store is closing soon. The store has only been open a little less than a year, but Starbucks bigwigs have decided that it is not a profitable store, so it is closing.

Here are a couple of the great people that work there.


Although her face is out of focus, I thought this was a great picture.



I am really bummed that this store is closing. There are some amazing people that work there and  I will miss seeing them each day.

One comment

  1. No FAIR! I kept going to the Tractor Supply in Canandaigua to see the chicks, but they weren’t there!!! Wah! And the wee ducks…they are so adorable!

    Sorry about your friend with cancer…she looks like a happy person. Cancer is such a rotten thing!

    Also sorry your store is closing. I had heard they were closing many stores.

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