Congratulations Kyle

December 26, 2008

Kyle took his first college course during the fall semester. We just found out that he got an A in the course.

The course was an introduction to Computer Generated Images. Here is some of what he did…

The link below is a Powerpoint presentation. If you do not have Powerpoint, you can use the link below it to download a Powerpoint Viewer from Microsoft. I have not used the viewer myself, but the directions and information about it are included at the link below.


Powerpoint Viewer

As a culminating project, Kyle created a webpage, but he has no webspace, so I copied his pages into a Powerpoint presentation. There was one aditional project, an animation, that I could not load, as it is a flash animation which is apparently not supported by WordPress. Anyway, you can get an idea of the things he learned. He really enjoyed this course and did quite well in it! Yeah, Kyle!


  1. Grandpa and I loved the projects, and the animation.
    CONGRATULATIONS, indeed, Kyle! What a great job!!!
    You worked very hard, and you certainly deserve that “A”.

  2. Wow, those were *very* cool! That photo “touch up” was awesome…that is the kind of detail work that would drive me batty!!!! Kyle did a super job with it. The peppers were awesome, as was the stationary!

    Great job, Kyle and so glad you scored an A!!!! An A for amazing!

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