The Lake and Bad Armadillo

December 15, 2008

I had a chiropractic appointment this morning and since the lake was nearby, I thought I’d check it out and take a few pictures. Our weather is very changeable today and the winds are blowing like crazy. We started out around 55 degrees F with little wind, and dropped to 43 with a wind chill that makes it barely above freezing. With these crazy conditions the lake was awesome!




The kids had spent the night at my in-laws so we made arrangements to meet, then I had a little running around to do. When we arrived home, we discovered an interesting mess on the kitchen floor! On Black Friday, when I went shopping at the feed store, I bought a plush armadillo for Joe, complete with 4 squeakers. He loves the thing! He carries it around and squeaks it regularly and sometimes he even sleeps with it. The thing is almost as big as he is, but he seems to really love it. Well, that darn armadillo made a mess on the floor today…or so it appeared…


I know this picture is probably in poor taste, but the girls were insistent that I take a picture! Kyle mumbled something about us being crazy, then left the room. Personally, I think Joe set it up so we wouldn’t get mad at him! He is a very intelligent dog, y’know.

Sorry to those with delicate constitutions, but I really couldn’t resist! I hope I don’t lose too many of my 3 blog readers…LOL!


  1. Beautiful lake photos!!! Love the ducks. They are so cute and totally don’t mind the COLD! Brrr….you can tell from those pictures, it was COLD!

    That last photo….hmmm…I better not say anything.

    Oh, phooey! That is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

  2. I think the last photo is great! You really captured the armadillo’s shameful expression. Haha

  3. Hi there. Thought you might be interested in this: http://jkfowler.com/2009/11/11/armadillo/ . Cheers, JK

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