A little late

December 15, 2008

I know this post is late, but I did say I would post pictures of my birthday gifts. So here they are…


These are most of my gifts. Jeff got me the lens, Kyle got me the DVD, and the girls got me the Hot Diggity Dog, the cloth,  Danny and Doxie, and the fan. The flowers are from my Mom and the book from my mother-in-law. Jeff also got me a Dachsaholic sweatshirt with dachshunds on it.


Erin got my Danny and Doxie for my birthday, then I decided I had to have Roxie and Doxie as well. Now I just need to get Dottie and Doxie! I made the mistake of looking at the Bearington website. They have soooo many cute bears, I could collect them ALL!

Here are some additional pictures I have taken over the last few weeks.

This is the sky from December 2, when we had an absolutely gorgeous morning.


Kyle ran a race last weekend. Here are the racers awaiting the start of the race. I don’t remember the exact weather conditions that day, but I do recall that my fingers were numb by the end of the race. The temperature was low and the wind chill was bitter and I ALMOST wished I was running.


While waiting for Kyle to finish the race, this gentleman crossed the line and I thought his running attire was interesting! No, he was not wearing loafers, but sneakers, of course!

Kyle finally finished the race…warmth was near!


This lady was stretching after the race, so I snapped a picture of her “hitcher.”


On Black Friday I went shopping but only at a local feed store. I picked up a bird feeder and some seed, hoping that I could attract some little birds to photograph with my new zoom lens. These two were not at the feeder, but they certainly caught my attention.


Here is my little feeder with a little bird checking it out.


These next two pictures were taken into my neighbor’s backyard.


If you blow up the picture below, you will see a very naughty creature in the bird feeder.



  1. You’ve got some terriic photos here, Carly! Looks like that telephoto lens is serving you well! What a HAUL you got for your birthday! Lots of fun goodies. I really like the race photos…was that guy REALLY racing in a suit and tie? Too funny! I love the bird photos, too. The dove is so beautiful with the red berries and green tree in the background, but those cardinals! WOW! As for the naughty squirrel…..hmmmm…..

  2. Yes, the man really ran in a suit and tie AND he had a decent pace as well (8 min/mile). Santa (a few of them in fact) ran the race as well. It was the annual Jingle Bell Walk/Run for the arthritis foundation. It is a national event, but not all the races are on the same day.

    Thank you for the compliments. I really am liking the telephoto lens, although I am back to taking a lot more duds than keepers for the moment. I know it will get better with practice.

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