Photo Story

November 24, 2008

Yesterday we moved our old couch to the porch and put my in-laws old futon in the living room. There was however a caveat, which Sarah nicely captured on my camera. I did not give her any direction regarding these photos. I was too busy trying to move the couch. I took only the last picture. Kyle may have taken a couple as well. Obviously not those in which he is featured! I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!










  1. What a production that was!

    But……..the futon looks nice in your living room, as does the couch on the porch, with the blue chairs and the brown doggie. Love that photo of Kyle on the porch with the couch — the window frame makes it appear as if one is looking at his reflection in a mirror. And poor Joe! He couldn’t figure out why you took his big bed away!

  2. I love the way you put furniture in and out via the WINDOW! hehehe That is pretty cool. And your furniture mover looks like he is pretty comfortable moving things about!! Way to go, Kyle!

    Joe…what a CORKER he is!

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