Snow Flower?

November 20, 2008

Is that the opposite of sunflower? I thought it odd when my mom posted a picture of a rose that had flowered on November 2nd. Odd, that is, until I went out side earlier this week and noticed that my rose bush was sporting a pretty red rose in the middle of November. I kept meaning to take a picture of it, but it seemed it was always dark or we were in a hurry. So this morning I purposed to take a photo of my Snow Flower…


I love the way you can see the shapes of some of the snowflakes. I am rather pleased that I didn’t take the picture before the snow fell, otherwise I would not have been inclined to notice the pretty snowflakes.

One comment

  1. Carly, that is absolutely gorgeous! Brings to mind the Bette Midler song, “the Rose”!

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