Beautiful Weekend

November 4, 2008

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful. Jeff had a craving for glazed fry cakes, but not just any glazed fry cakes. We went to his favorite cider mill and got them. I have to admit, they are quite tasty. As we were leaving our house, I took a picture the tree in front of our neighbor’s house. I had been meaning to do it for a while, but I was either in a hurry, or the weather was dreary, but this particular day provided just the right conditions to get a gorgeous picture.


The sky truly was that color. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture just how spectacular the color is on this tree. It more or less glows when the sun shines on it.

While wandering around at the apple place, my attention was drawn to part of a bee hive that is inside the store.


It was pretty cool to watch the bees doing their thing.

We wandered around the store for awhile and found some wonderful Christmas ideas for the kids and just enjoyed checking out all the cool things they have to offer. Lots of homemade and countryish things. Even the kids enjoyed themselves.

It was definitely a beautiful day!


  1. Jeff, and hundreds of other folks, along with a reporter and photographer from the D & C., had that same craving. Check out their online article about Jeff’s favorite cider mill. It was a beautiful day, and you picked the safest way to watch bees.

  2. Oh Carly, that tree is awesome! It is perfect with that blue sky behind it, too!

    The bee photo is so cool! Bees work so hard, don’t they? That picture made me think of a time when Iwas a little girl….Uncle Bob came home with a bee hive in a bucket. Grandpa couldn’t “bee”lieve his eyes as Bob came walking down the driveway with bees flying around everywhere…Bob with no special gear at all. He said the bees don’t sting while swarming. Well, I guess he knew, because he never got stung! I don’t remember what became of the hive, though! I am sure Bob got some honey, though!

  3. Carly your pictures are beautiful. It was good to see you the other night, let’s do it again some time!

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