Johnny’s Run Like Hell 5K

October 25, 2008

Kyle ran this race last year in 25:31. This year he decided he wanted to run it again, even though the weather forcast called for rain all day.

We decided to take Joe with us. Since the temperature was in the mid to upper 50’s, I figured he would be okay.  I didn’t really count on some moron guy walking his St. Bernard “puppy” and allowing the thing to try to devour poor Joe while practically knocking poor Sarah over. In the end no one was seriously injured, but Joe sure did shake for a while. Dumb guy said his dog was friendly, just big…yeah right!

There were some odd people running this race…

While we waited for the race to start, Joe climbed up into my mother-in-law’s van and then onto her lap. She took pity on him (he was shivering) and covered him with a blanket. Doesn’t he look pathetic!

Once the race got under way, Sarah took pity on Joe and held him for a while…

Kyle had a great race…

His time, you ask?

This is :50 better than last year, not bad! Go Kyle!


  1. Oh MY!!! What strange looking characters, indeed!!!!

    Poor little Joe, getting picked on by a big bad puppy!!! He looks so cozy and warm under that blanket. And those eyes………..

    What a devoted fellow Kyle is, and congratulations on shaving off some time!!! Excellent! Was Kyle totally drenched in the end?

    Carly, great photos and congratulations to you, too! I don’t think you have ever posted an entry this quickly!!!!

  2. What a fun run for Kyle and all of you. I would love seeing all the characters. Also, good job on the run time Kyle.

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