The Party: Happy 60th Grandma and Grandpa

October 21, 2008

After checking out Kinzua Dam, we went and picked up the cake for my grandparent’s anniversary party, then went to BLueberry HIll to get ready for the party.

We all helped decorate and set up, then Mom and Mark went to get Grandma and Grandpa. Everything was in place as we awaited the arrival of the guests of honor. Mom was to call me when they were very close and I was to tell everyone to get ready to yell “Happy Anniversary” as they walked in. I didn’t take into account that my cell phone might not have reception in the middle of the Allegheny Forest (or close to it). Somehow I managed to get a quick call in and hear Mom say, “We’re almost there! ”

Here are a few of the pictures I snapped. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get better/more pictures, but I was so caught up in the event that I sort of forgot to take pictures.

It took a minute for them to figure out what was going on.

Grandpa was thrilled that his favorite band, Moutain Railroad Band, was there just for him and Grandma. He told us later that he had wondered earlier where the band might be that day. They used to go listen to them just about every weekend.

Several family members were there to help celebrate. All of them seemed to enjoy themselves.

I’ve never seen Grandpa enjoy himself so much. I imagine he’ll be talking about this one for some time to come!

Everything was beautiful for their party, including the weather outside. We could not have planned for better weather!

One comment

  1. Carly, these are very nice photos of the party! It is so hard to get photos at such an event, as it is too easy to get to talking and go off on another tangent!

    Thanks for sharing!

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