Jensen Stables Ultimate XC Challenge

October 21, 2008

Kyle began running a little over a year ago with a group called the Genesee Valley Harriers. The first race he ran in was the kid’s race at Jensen Stables. He really wanted to try the 12K this year, but has had some Knee problems and I thought it would be too hard on his knee. The race is through fields, water, forested areas, and features challenging terrain, as well as some obstacles. I ultimately left the decision of whether or not to run up to him. He opted to run, of course.

I had worked all night, slept for 15 minutes (literally), and decided the best way to stay awake was to take pictures…420+ of them. Obviously I won’t bore you with all of them, but here are a few.

Coach Reif and Dave Bischoff got the race started, leading the way on an ATV.

There were Vikings in the race!

Here come the runners around the first bend.

This was the beautiful setting for this crazy race. The runners are ascending the first hill.

These poor horses got so riled up, they were running up and down the fence as the runners came by. One horse in particular became extremely agitated. I think he wanted to run as well.

Kyle announced that “mud is good” as he ran past us here. Little did he know that he would be covered in it by the end of the race.

Erin was waiting for the kid’s race to start.

The kid’s race gets underway, but Kyle still hasn’t finished the 12K, hmmm, is he lost?

There he is with an encourager he found along the way.

The runners had to run through a barn, just before finishing the race. This horse got a close look at all the finishers.

Erin, nearing the finish line of her race.

Kyle running for the finish line. His time? 2:06: 15 Definitely not his best, but not bad for his first truly “off-road” race. Oh yeah, he did in fact get lost along the way!


  1. Awesome pics, Carly! I had no idea you were such a good photographer. Congrats to Kyle and Erin on their runs!

  2. What a beautiful day they had for their races! Congratulations to both of them!!!

  3. Way to go Kyle!!!! This looks like so much fun and what an ADVENTURE! I would love something like this. A lot more fun than running in a straight line, eh?

    Good job, Erin! Looks like Erin had a good time, too! Now, if that was me, I would have had to STOP in the stable to chat with the horses! That would have really buggered me up!

    Fantastic photos, Carly! I like the one of Kyle and friend coming over the haybales. Oh, and the Vikings! How funny!!!!

  4. Good pictures! I also ran in this race (came in 35th). Would you mind scanning through your photos to see if there are any of my colleague or me (numbers 85 and 94). (black long sleeve shirt, light brown long sleeves, respectively). Thanks!

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