Silly Geese!

October 20, 2008

The other day while we were out and about we had to wait for a group of pedestrians to cross the road…

Where better to cross a 6 lane road? At the light of course. They were even nearly in the crosswalk.

Once across, they took to the sidewalk…isn’t that where one is supposed to walk!?!

Apparently they had had a tough day of shopping and needed to get something for dinner. They were crossing from the mall to a plaza with a grocery store. Such silly geese!


  1. How cute is that? Apparently, these are “natives” as opposed to “migrants”!
    They seem to be abiding by all the rules!!!! They must have been around long enough to have witnessed those unfortunate geese that did NOT abide by the rules!! (SPLAT!)

    Seeing them so perfectly strung along reminds me of a song we learned on TV years ago…

    “Single file, Indian style, while you’re crossing all the while.”

    I suppose that song is no longer politically correct. Ah well!

    Cute photos and a great capture!

  2. Thanks. I forgot to mention that I took neither of those photos. Kyle took them. I was in the driver’s seat and had a rotten angle to try to maneuver, so he offered.

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