Driving South

October 20, 2008

Last weekend several of us helped my grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. The party was to be held in a small town in northern PA. Jeff and I decided to drive down one day and come back the next. Since I had worked all night and was too wound up to sleep in the morning before leaving, Jeff graciously offered to drive if he could wake me up along the way to navigate. I agreed and got him going in the right direction, told him where to awaken me, and promptly passed out. A short time later Jeff woke me up to look at the beautiful sky and wonderful autumn colors that were painted on the hills. This, of course, prompted me to grab the camera sitting at my feet and start snapping photos through the windshield. Below are the results. I think they speak for themselves…

A little more than half way there we stopped at a wonderful restaurant where they have tons of maple trees that they tap and then make maple syrup. We had a late lunch/early supper, then wandered around the grounds for a bit. The food was remarkable, the day gorgeous, and the autumn colors stunning.

This dog kept following us and barking whenever we got too close to “his” things. Apparently the tepee was one of HIS things. As we walked away he ran inside as if to make sure we hadn’t disturbed anything.

The sugar house. The dog barked as we peeked in the windows.

This tree was stunning in the sunlight. It reminded me of gold glittering in the sunlight.

The next two are awe-inspiring for me…

The ride was very enjoyable. The weather was warm and the sun was out and everything seemingly glowed.

Tomorrow I will post more about the actual party itself, as well as about a race Kyle ran, and my PSA for good dentistry. Right this moment, however, I will crash in bed!

One comment

  1. An excellent set of photos Carly, and I just LOVE the photo of the swan! What a gorgeous pose that Swan struck for you!!! Beuatiful, beautiful!

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