Night Photos

October 7, 2008

Since I work nights, I rarely am out and about after dark to take pictures.  I am typically sleeping, or rushing home to sleep for a few minutes before going to work. Tonight I do not have to work and the kids are at my inlaws, so Jeff and I went out on a date.

First we went to Starbucks for coffee and chai, then we went to a local plaza and walked through it to a book store to look around. On the way back to the car, I felt the need to take a few pictures.

This is one of those soup and sandwich, cafe type places. As I was standing in front of it, taking a picture in another direction, Jeff suggested this picture. I am glad he did.

As we continued on, this chandelier caught my attention. It is outside on of those fancy salons.

Apparently it is supposed to get quite cold tonight, so there is a chance of frost. When we first arrived at the plaza, there were 3 people putting coverings over some of the plants. This is a rather tropical looking plant, that probably does not appreciate a good frost. I know this picture is wildly out of focus, but I could not resist posting it anyway. Doesn’t it remind you of a little kid throwing a sheet over himself and pretending to be a ghost?

A little ways down was another plant “dressed up” in a tablecloth…

For whatever reason, these covered up plants struck me as very silly. I had a tough time holding still enough to get a decent shot.

As I was standing there, staring at the “ghosts,” I noticed these flowers.

Having never really taken pictures after dark, I was quite pleased with this result.

This last picture is for Jeff. Normally he cringes when the camera comes out while we are out somewhere that people don’t normally take cameras to take pictures, like say, the grocery store. Much to my surprise, he asked me to take a picture of some lobsters at the grocery store. I was so surprised, I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t, so here is what I got…

This is the tank with the “smaller” lobsters. Next to it was a tank with lobsters that easily weighed 5 pounds or more each. Not being an eater of seafood, I was not terribly impressed, except for the biggest lobster, that looked as though he must weigh 7 or 8 pounds. I think his tail alone was bigger than most of the smaller lobsters.

After the store, we drove around a bit and stopped at a local park, where I attempted to take a picture or two of the moon. I took one and it left much to be desired, so I won’t bother putting it up. We had a very enjoyable time, just the two of us.

One comment

  1. Nightime photography can be so much fun. You got some good photos, too.
    It does seem funny to “dress” plants up for a frost. Makes for some cool photos, though!

    Glad you and Jeff were able to get out and have some relaxing time together! Looks like you made the most of it!

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