Nikon D3

October 5, 2008

I got my hands on a Nikon D3 today!

Okay, before anyone faints…I only held it. I was standing above the tunnel where the players enter the ice from the lockerroom, when a woman toting 3 cameras came by. She was trying to squeeze between the barricade (steel bars) and the glass to get to the players bench. She was definitley thin enough, but she was holding one camera and had two around her neck. As she started through the opening, I told her I was going to hold the cannon she had around her neck, as the long lens on it was about to smack into the wall under the glass. She thanked me and handed me her Nikon D3, asking me to hold it instead. I did so, then grabbed the Cannon again, as she, again, nearly smacked it into the wall. As I handed her D3 back, I picked up my D40, which was around my own neck, and sighed, turned to Jeff and told him I was jealous. Oh, well! It is probably the only time I will ever hold a $5000 camera and it was cool! Yeah, I’m a geek!

One comment

  1. WOW! Lucky you! I have never seen a D-3 up close and personal, but I love the photos Ken Rockwell takes with his! Well, now you have quite a claim.

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