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Nikon D3

October 5, 2008

I got my hands on a Nikon D3 today!

Okay, before anyone faints…I only held it. I was standing above the tunnel where the players enter the ice from the lockerroom, when a woman toting 3 cameras came by. She was trying to squeeze between the barricade (steel bars) and the glass to get to the players bench. She was definitley thin enough, but she was holding one camera and had two around her neck. As she started through the opening, I told her I was going to hold the cannon she had around her neck, as the long lens on it was about to smack into the wall under the glass. She thanked me and handed me her Nikon D3, asking me to hold it instead. I did so, then grabbed the Cannon again, as she, again, nearly smacked it into the wall. As I handed her D3 back, I picked up my D40, which was around my own neck, and sighed, turned to Jeff and told him I was jealous. Oh, well! It is probably the only time I will ever hold a $5000 camera and it was cool! Yeah, I’m a geek!


Strange Night, Fun Day

October 5, 2008

I, unfortunately, suffer from fall allergies. Fall is still my favorite time of year though. Last night I decided to take a Zyrtec, since it is an antihisimine that is not supposed to make one drowsy. For several nights, I have had a scratchy throat at work, in addition to long fits of sneezing. For some reason customers get a little antsy when the baker is standing there sneezing over and over. Not great for business!

Anyway, I took said pill following dinner and promptly went to lie down for a couple hours before work. I awoke to my alarm clock from a sound sleep of death. I was in such a fog I wasn’t sure how I would get to work, let along function once I was there. I was a zombie all night long. I used to take Zyrtec on a regular basis, but have not taken it in almost 10 years. I don’t remember it kicking my butt like that before! It is probably a good thing I work in the middle of the night, or I may have been sent home for being inebriated at work. I have only been drunk once in my life, many, many years ago, but I vaguely recall feeling much like I did last night; aware, but unable to move or react properly. Not a good time! I have decided that Zyrtec might best be taken in the morning when I get home from work, just before going to sleep. Perhaps my body will adjust and I will be able to take it without being in a fog ALL day. Or perhaps a scratchy throat is a small price to pay for being coherent and useful.

This afternoon, after sleeping for a few hours, we set out to go to the Amerks Fan-Fest so the kids could skate with the Amerks. When we arrived, I decided to try to park on the street, as the parking garage didn’t appeal to me with all the nasty fumes. We found a fairly close space and I impressed Jeff with my one-handed, Starbucks cup in the other hand, parallel parking job. Got it perfect on the first try. It really was only part skill, part sheer dumb luck. As we were walking along the street, I had to stop for this photo opportunity! Typically when someone says broken meter, this is NOT what I think of…

Upon closer inspection, we discovered this…

Yes, this meter has indeed expired!

I snapped a few pictures of the Amerks as they skated around. Many of the guys are new to the team and weren’t wearing name plates on their sweaters, so I really am not sure who some of them are.

The guy on the left is Chris Beckford-Tseu, one of the goalies. Erin was quite excited to have gotten his autograph. I am not certain who the other player is with him.

I believe the player on the left is Mike Duco, not sure about the guy on the right.

After the skating session ended, there were some activities for kids set up in the lobby. As we entered the lobby, the Moose was wandering around, so we snagged him for a picture.

I can’t imagine the poor guy who has to wear that thing. It looks really warm, and the eye holes are in the nose, so it looks as though it must be really difficult to see. I imagine it’s a bit like having tunnel vision.

Erin really wanted to get her face painted, so this is what she got…

The kids seemed to have had a really good time. They got several players autographed pictures, and were really excited when Tanner Glass personalized his photo by writing “To Sarah” and “To Erin.” They thought it was neat that he took the time to ask their names and then listened when Sarah explained that her name is with an “H.”

All in all, they had fun. I am meeting a couple girl friends for coffee (tea for me) this evening, so I think I’ll take a nap first. I am still feeling a little groggy from the long work week, and perhaps still from the Zyrtec as well.