Ice Time

September 30, 2008

Today was total chaos. I had a chiropractic appointment at 9:30, but my car needed to have new tires and be inspected, so we dropped it off near the chiro. office and hoofed it. The guy called to inform me that pieces of metal were missing from the inside of my rotors, so they obviously wouldn’t pass the inspection. My MIL came to collect us from the chiropractor’s office, then we went to her house while we waited for the guys to finish with my car. By this time it was nearing lunch time, so we went and had lunch, picked up the car, and I finally got home around 3 pm. Jeff got home around 5:30 and we left around 6 to take his car to our mechanic’s house. Jeff’s car needs brakes, a CV boot, and possibly a new CV joint. After dropping the car off, we grabbed a snack at the store, and went to drop Sarah off for dance. We finally got home for the night around 9 pm. Phew! I am tired!

I meant to post these pictures yesterday, but somehow the day got away from me. Jeff and I took the kids skating on Saturday. Instead of skating, like we usually do, we just let the kids skate while we watched.

This picture perfectly captures the pure joy that Erin experiences when she skates. As you can see from the motion in the background, Erin was moving across my field of view from left to right. I thought this was a neat capture.

Sarah was also enjoying herself.

The whole time we were there, the most people on the ice were 3 young people, my 3 kids, a rink guard, and one father and son. The kids had a blast because they essentially had the ice to themselves.

This little one caught my attention. He was just so darn cute in his little equipment.

As Erin skates around the rink, she often jumps over each of the lines she encounters. I was trying to get a picture of her in the air, but I failed. Instead you get a picture of her as she is landing. Check out that form.

This was the first time that the kids were allowed to go skating without gloves and helmets. Sarah was down to just hockey gloves, but Erin was still wearing a helmet and gloves. She was thrilled, ecstatic even, when Jeff told her she could just wear winter gloves and no helmet. We have required a certain degree of protective equipment for the kids to protect their heads and fingers for serious injury.  Although they have always complied with our requirements, they were quite excited when it was decided that they could go without.

A fun time was had by all, until Erin’s knee met with the ice. She apparently fell directly on her knee cap and had to be helped off the ice. In the short time it took to get from the ice to the bench, her knee had already bruised. Yesterday she claimed to feel fine, but today she complained a lot about her leg hurting. She is one tough cookie!


  1. Poo! Owning a car certainly means a lot of STUPID repairs. Stupid, and expensive! I remember thinking $500 was a LOT of money to pay for repairs….now, $1,000 is “chicken scratch”. Ah, the joy!

    Saturday sounds as though it was a fun day! While we were in Buffalo, man, did I want to SKATE! As I watched the Sabres on the ice, it made me so want to get my skates on and get some exercise!

    Poor Erin. Nothing like banging up a knee! Glad she is tough, though! A much better attitude than whining through life!!!!

  2. The girls looked as if they had a ball at the rink. Would you just look at that skinny teen in the dark shirt!

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