Crazy Birds

September 27, 2008

Mr. Joe needed some puppy treats and a new bed, so we set out for Country Max. Although there is one locally, I had not been there before. What a treat. Jeff and the kids disappeared as I searched for things for Joe. I found what I was looking for, then found them. Here is what they were checking out.

I stepped in for a closer look, and one of the birds took a closer look as well.

This guy was following Kyle’s every move.

As I moved closer, he hopped onto my arm…

Then he hopped onto Jeff’s arm and was checking out his watch. In fact, he liked Jeff’s watch so much that we had a hard time getting him back on top of his cage when we were ready to leave. As we walked past his cage, it looked as though he was about to hop back up on one of us.

We decided that this store is much more fun than where we usually go to get Joe’s food. Since it is also closer to our house, we will likely be going there again.


  1. Country Max! Such a fun store to visit if you don’t mind getting mugged by CRAZED CUCKOOTOOS!!!! I tell ya, must be something in their genes!!! They are so inquisitive and adorable! I never have seen birds that appear to like human company so much as they. It is as though they are so thrilled to see you when you walk through the door!

    I bet the girls loved that visit. Great photos, by the way! It is always fun shooting photos of such playful and colorful little subjects!

  2. Sylvia, from the now-closed Doolittle’s, once told me that cockatoos are much like 18-month old children — they are quite sociable, quite intelligent, and they crave human contact.

    Now tell me………..did any of them follow you home?

  3. No, we do not need any more pets right now! Besides, with Joe and a bird, one of them would wind up hurt and I can’t imagine the vet bills that might involve!

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