Awesome Textures

September 18, 2008

On Labor Day, I know it was almost 3 weeks ago, we went to a local park to have a picnic. While there, I decided to go for a walk. First of all, it was an absolutely perfect day for a picnic. The weather was fantastic, not too warm, but beautifully sunny.

As I began my short journey, alone, I encountered a woman and her dog playing in the water. As I put the camera up to take the picture, the dog dropped it’s ball and posed. It was the funniest thing. I imagine this dog would be tons of fun to photograph, as it was a very willing subject!

I had really only intended to look at the water, but then a path caught my attention. Not being able to resist, I began wandering and found some wonderful things to photograph. In fact, I ran into another photographer with a Nikon D80, a long lens, and a monopod. Frequently I wish I owned a long lens, but I was enjoying myself too much to really care at that time.

These offerings may be a bit boring to some…I was truly looking for textures more than anything else. In looking at the photos earlier, I determined that 1) I am a texture freak and 2) My “eye” for a good composition has improved greatly. Enjoy them, if you can…


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  2. An EXCELLENT set of textures, Carly! I love the elderberries, but as we all know, I LOVE blue! I have been so busy and so far removed from the puter lately, I missed this entry until now! What a terrific idea….to use a theme for your photos. I can almost FEEL the feathers….and the mushrooms….is that taken in Sepia? I love the lighting on that capture. Beautiful!

    How is your color set on your camera? Like good ole Ken Rockwell, I live for intense color….he tells how to “jack up” the color without using the “vivid” setting on the camera. I enjoy the colors I am getting…they are more “true to life” than the default settings.

  3. I have only just begun to experiment with changing the settings on my camera. I will have to go consult with Ken’s website. No, the mushrooms were not taken in sepia, I turned off the flash and they were in a really dark spot, but there was tons of light behind me, and from the one side. The “feathers,” were actually the cottony stuff from inside a milkweed pod.

    Thanks for the ideas. I will have to try out some different settings and see what I can come up with.

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