Sarah Turned 13…Two Teens in the House!!!

September 15, 2008

Last weekend Sarah celebrated her 13th birthday.

On Saturday, Sept. 6, Sarah’s actual birthday, we went to Red Lobster for Sarah’s birthday dinner. She had requested a whole lobster and my MIL and I both decided we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw a living thing in boiling water. Red Lobster apparently has no qualms about that though, so we let them do the cooking. The were amazing about making sure that Sarah got nothing with soy. The waitress was extremely attentive and went to ask the chef whenever she wasn’t sure about something.

So here are a few pictures of her dinner…

One of her favorite presents above. She is often asked if her name is with an “h,” so Grandma bought her a shirt and put her name on it with an explanation of it’s spelling.

Yes, she did eat the whole thing and she thoroughly enjoyed it! I tried really hard not to scowl…I HATE seafood, except for tuna (from a can) and the occasional swordfish steak.

On Sunday afternoon, we took her to the Irish Festival to see the Dady Brothers perform. We also got to see some Irish dancing which made Sarah anxious to begin dancing again (classes start tonight). I took a few pictures to share…

Didn’t you know all Irish girls grow green ribbon mustaches?

I went up close to take a picture of the Dady Brothers and their friend (center) and caught Joe’s attention. He gave me a huge grin. I didn’t mean to interrupt… Their friend was in from Pittsburgh to bury his dad, and decided to join the Dady’s for part of their performance.

This young lady was invited on stage to help Joe play the violin. See where the bow is? Yes, she is holding it in her teeth. Afterwards, she took the violin from Joe and showed us her talent, and what a talent it is!

Erin enjoyed some of the show from a great vantage point…Dad’s shoulders.

After the show, we were all hungry, so we went to a local Japanese restaurant for dinner. As we were leaving the restaurant, this is what the sky had to offer…

Finally, we went to my in-laws to have cake…cookie cake.

Sarah wanted something related to Lord of the Rings on her cake, but I couldn’t seem to come up with anything that I could freehand. I decided I would find the One Ring inscription and put it on her cake. Then I decided it would be cool to write it in the Tengwar script that Tolkien created for Middle-Earth. Then I wrote the transliteration of part of it, and finally I looked up how to say “Happy Birthday” in Elven.  Above is the result.

Sarah was thrilled with the end result, and I was relieved to be done with the kids birthdays for this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, but their birthdays all fall within a 6 week time frame and it is a bit hectic!

One comment

  1. I did comment here earlier, but WordPress or Cyberspace ATE IT!!!!!

    Looks like Sarah (with an “H”) had some fun times for her birthday celebration! What fun!!!

    I can’t believe Sarah ate that lobster….she must have been very hungry!

    The Irish festival looked like it was a lot of fun. I think that green moustache might impede some of Ms. Sarah’s moves….seems it might slap about on her face!!!!!

    Carly!!!! You have missed your calling!!!! WHY are you not selling cookie cakes? It seems like people would love unique and extraordinary decorations on their cookies and you sure have a talent there!!!!!!

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