American Spirit!

September 15, 2008

On Saturday we went to a wonderful show put on by the United States Army, Spirit of America. The show gives a history of the US Army as well as demonstrations by the Fife and Drum Corps, the US Army Drill Team, the US Army Band, Pershing’s Own, and Company A, The Old Guard. I took several photos but the quality is not great as I was sitting way in the back of the Arena and the lighting was very low so the pictures are quite grainy.

The opening of the show with Company A presenting the flag.

The Fife and Drum Corps, which was absolutely amazing!

The orchestra performed a number of military songs during the ceremony.

The two people in the middle of all the “values” were the hosts of the show. I thought the values on the floor were pretty neat, hence the photo.

The U.S. Army Drill Team was incredible. The four gentlemen standing in the middle, surrounding the man in the middle demonstrated their skills with bayonet-tipped Springfield rifles weighing 10 1/2 pounds. They performed intricate skills while their Sergeant stood in the middle of them. Their rifles sailed in the air and around their bodies, all the time narrowly missing their Sergeant. It was definitely an impressive display.

If you enlarge the picture above, you can see a few rows of young people all wearing blue and tan t-shirts, sitting right behind the camera guy. Those were new recruits that were sworn in after the intermission. I was amazed at the number of young woman in the group. The men and women behind them in fatigues are recruiters.

This is half of the group that performed…

…and here is the other half.

The show was great and we all enjoyed it.


  1. Oh Carly, this is the type of thing that totally gets me…I have a hard time keeping the tears from flowing. These people who uphold the values of our nation are a special breed with a very special calling from God…

  2. There were definitely some emotional moments. Especially when they asked for members or family members of each branch to stand. The arena was packed…it hold 10,000+ for hockey games and only a small area was blocked for this that would normally be open for hockey, so there had to be about 10,000 people in attendance. When they asked those people to stand, probably half of those in attendance stood. Many of them obviously veterans, wearing something to indicate when/with whom they served. It was rather impressive!

  3. Mom sent me this link. I feel bad for not remembering to read it, and then I do and I realize how long it’s been since I caught up. Wish there was some way to subscribe when a new one gets posted. I tend to forget to do anything that’s not screaming in my face to be done…how cool though. I really love your pictures.

  4. I think the pictures you posted look pretty good. You captured the spirit of the night!

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