Allergies Cause Creativitiy?

August 27, 2008

We celebrated Kyle’s 16th birthday on Sunday. With a birthday there must be cake, right? Well, therein lies the problem. Sarah has developed a soy allergy and almost everything processed contains soy. Kyle wanted a chocolate chip cookie cake, so I decided I would make one. Yes, I work in a bakery, but I only bake…I don’t decorate, except to occasionally write something on a cake if a customer wants it in the middle of the night. Although his birthday was actually on Saturday, we decided we would celebrate it on Sunday, as I didn’t have to work Sunday night. I got home from work Sunday morning and started the cake. I had searched all over for chocolate chips without soy, all to no avail. I settled on the ONLY chocolate bar I could find without soy…all 3.5 ounces of it for $4.19! Yeah, this cookie cake wasn’t super chocolaty! Anyway…after Erin and I baked the cookie, we made homemade butter cream frosting, as the ready made, store bought, contains soy. We colored it and set about decorating our yummy looking creation.

Here is the finished product…

Everyone thought it tasted quite yummy. I personally thought it was better than any store bought one I have had, but my opinion might be a little biased…


  1. Carly, that cookie cake turned out fabulous! Give yourself a big pat on the back! The decorating is very good, too! I love buttercream frosting. As far as the chocolate goes, I bet that (expensive) chocolate was very tasty!!!! Every little morsel must have been a real treat!

  2. Best chocolate chip cookie, or cookie cake I’ve ever tasted! I gained weight just looking at it — not saying what happened after I actually ATE some!

  3. You are so awesome! Your son’s cookie looks great!
    I understand your frustration with the soy allergy as my 19 month old son is allergic to Soy, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat and Dairy. Two things: Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips are awesome and soy and dairy free (I buy them at Whole Foods,but you can check their website for where they might sell them near you).
    Also I thought you might be interested in my website http://www.spewdfree.com
    I have lots of great soy free(and free of other common allergen) recipes!

  4. Thanks Mom. Erin and I decided we really like butter cream frosting as well…we ate waaay too much as we made the cookie.

    Heather, I just bought a bag of Enjoy Life chips. My daughter Sarah’s birthday is next week and she would like a cookie cake as well. She tried the chips and said they taste like “normal” chocolate chips, LOL! I stopped in at your site briefly, but will probably be back. Thanks.

  5. We were so happy to see a new entry! The cake does look extremely delicious.
    I bet Kyle loved it.

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