Silly Joe

July 6, 2008

On Wednesday, I bought a few things while I was on lunch at work. I got Jeff a deck of Indiana Jones playing cards, Kyle a set of Star Wars good guys and bad guys playing card decks, Sarah a set of mini gel pens, Erin a Hannah Montana pen, and Joe a moose. I think Joe sensed his moose as soon as I walked through the door. He tried to ‘steal’ it before Kyle could get the tags off of it. Then once he was given it, he ran around with it in his mouth, laid down and set to work looking for the all-important squeaker, then plopped on the couch exhausted, but happy to have a new squeaker toy.

Joe absolutely thinks he is human. Here are a couple of his “personalities.”

Joe being a baby, cuddling with Sarah…

Joe thinking he is hungry and allowed to sit at the table…hmmm!

I honestly don’t know what we did before Joe came to own live with us!


  1. Carly, that first photo is a HOOT! What a ham Joe is. He really is a cute little fellow.

    When I was talking to Randy yesterday, he said that when they bring in grocery bags, Fritz comes over and “inspects” each bag. (kind of like he did with my purse yesterday!!!!)

    Doxies are burrowers and tunnelers, and as such, they like to dig in and see what is around! Did Joe find the squeaker? Murphy has a few toys that haven’t (yet) been de-squeaked!

    Cute photos!

  2. I love the pictures of Joe. He is a ham!

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