July 6, 2008

While going out earlier, we noticed a large yacht in the canal with a sail that was lowered so it could pass under the many bridges along the canal. On our way home, it was still in the canal, but on the other side of the bridge from where we had seen it earlier. I decided to take my camera and go get a couple shots of it. Kyle, Joe and I went for a walk to find it. By the time we got there, it had moved too far down the canal to get a good shot, so we walked to a nearby foot bridge hoping to get there in time to catch it before it continued on the canal or turned up the river. When we got to the foot bridge, the boat was no where in sight. Annoyed at having missed it, we looked to see what else was in the water.

As we were standing on the bridge, Kyle said, “Look, there it is…”

I looked straight down into the water from the bridge and sure enough there was the yacht.

Notice the guy in the dinghy? He was pushing on the front of the boat, like a tug pushes the big ships in ports. As we watched, it became clear that the rather large boat was stuck. At one point, another smaller boat came up behind them and the guy in the dinghy cruised over to talk to them. They loaned him a hand held depth finder. I think I heard the guy say it was only about 6.5 feet near the middle of the boat. My guess is that there is an accumulation of silt at that point. They were stuck about 20 or 30 feet from where the canal meets the river. The two bodies flow in perpendicular directions, so I imagine the much larger river leaves messy deposits as it passes by the canal.

The front of the boat…

…the back of the boat…

…and one creative shot…

Joe decided he wanted to see as well…

If you blow up this one, you can see his little tongue hanging out. When we got home, he was very happy to see his water bowl and then sit in his favorite summer spot, under the ceiling fan.

At one point the guy on the boat was directly below where Kyle and I were standing. I asked him if they were stuck and got a grumpy, French accented, “looks that way.” At that point, I decided we probably shouldn’t gawk any longer, or press my luck taking any more pictures.


  1. Oh NO!!!! Taking photos of one’s misfortune….And, speaking of FORTUNES, WOW!!!! That is some little luxury liner he has. What a terrible predicament….I can’t imagine how he must have felt. Or, how he got out!!! I guess not being blessed with millions CAN have its bennies, after all, eh?

    Very nice captures. Hmmm…maybe you can SELL him your photos? Yeah, prolly not such a great idea!!!! hahaha!!!!

  2. I was actually thinking about blowing up and framing the black and white for Jeff’s office. He likes boats quite a lot and I think he might like that one. Of course, he will probably read this and then he’ll know…

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