Baby Face

June 16, 2008

So far the weather in Florida isn’t that much hotter than the weather in upstate NY last week! The kids went swimming yesterday afternoon, and I took tons of pictures of their pool adventure. Hannah was absolutely adorable, so the majority of the pictures are of her…

Hannah took a nice nap before she went swimming. Doesn’t it look like she is napping?

The weather was perfect for the pool. Sarah, Erin, Eli, Alan, and Hannah all went swimming.

Eli had to fix her hair when Erin accidentally pulled out her pig-tail holder.

Erin likes the pool noodles; they seem to give her added confidence.

Hannah loves to play with a ball. She signs “ball” all the time.

Apparently a hair got stuck on Hannah’s finger, which seems to have bothered her. What a face!

Erin is just learning how to swim, but she loves to play in the water and doesn’t seem to have a fear of the water.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day.

That is one BIG noodle!

The kids had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


  1. They look as if they’re having SO much fun! And little Hannah is a doll. She gets cuter all the time. I, too, love that picture of Erin.

    Glad you’re having good weather, and not the quarter-size hail we had up North yesterday.

  2. A great set of photos, Carly. You certainly captured the joy of splashing bout and having fun in the water! Hannah is a cutie. The kids all look as though they really enjoy that water!

    Your favorite photo is so funny! Erin is such a character! She always has been, eh?

    BTW, I ended up wearing a lightweight cotton sweater all day today. A cold front has chilled us down and at last look, we were about 52 degrees. Michelle got upset and removed the fan from my window…she closed the window as she was chilled!!!

  3. That Hannah is the most beautiful child! Love all the pictures Carly.

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