Cobbs Hill Park

June 1, 2008

Jeff and I took the kids, including Joe, to Cobbs Hill Park for a walk around the reservoir. We had gone yesterday, but the rain prevented me from venturing out with my camera. I was rather excited when I awoke today and there was no rain. So off we went to take pictures walk. I think this set of photos speaks for itself, so I will leave you with just the pictures, no commentary. You can click on any of them to make them larger.


  1. Oh, look, up in a tree! What could it be? It’s a bird, it’s a plane………….
    NO! It’s an Erin!

    Loved the photos, especially the ones of the Ra-cha-cha skyline. Can’t you just imagine the view from that wonderful cupola?

  2. Carly, finally getting back here again. I was sure I had commented, but then again, nope! (prolly forgot to him the “submit” button!!!)

    Great photos all the way around! When I saw the photo of Erin, I was so surprised how much she looks lke Kyle! (the mouth, especially, in that photo)

    The skyline photos are cool….the sky looks so impressive and foreboding!!!

  3. Hi, I would like to give you credit if you took this photo. please log on to my website at http://www.rachelbakeraugust.com (its not live yet) and let me know if this is your work. Thank you. R

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