Oooh, Ice Skating…

May 30, 2008

While my sister-in-law and nieces were in town, we all went ice skating. Living in a much warmer part of the US, my nieces had never been ice skating before and we weren’t sure if they would like it, or not. I have to apologize for the “blurry” in some of these, I was on the ice, on skates, while taking many of these. This was my first attempt at shooting while both my subject and I were moving. See what you think…

Since the place was dead, the rink guard offered her assistance in helping Diana. She told us she teaches a “learn to skate” program, so she was quite helpful.

I think it is safe to say she enjoyed herself!

Jessica’s debut on ice…

Erin gives her a lesson on how to get up, once you’ve fallen down.

Truly, Erin was trying to help, not throttle…

Both girls had a blast! My kids enjoyed watching and helping as well. We are looking forward to their next visit so we can go again.


  1. Carly, these pictures are priceless!!!! They are so adorable and the kids all look like they were having the time of their lives!!! That last picture is SO framable!!!! What a fun time fr them…and, YOU! Isn’t it great having such a terrific camera?

  2. Jessica and Diana really did have a ball. They’re still talking about the big skating adventure, and your girls were wonderful with them. Glad to see that your photos came out so well.

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