May 27, 2008

My sister-in-law and her two girls came up from out of state to visit recently and I took a bunch of pictures of her kids and my kids having fun together.

We all went to a local Japanese restaurant for lunch to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. Watching the girls, all 4 of them, eat sushi and sashimi was rather fun. How often do you see a 3, 5, 8, and 12 year old all enjoying sushi? Taking pictures of them was even more fun. Here is a photo tour of our dinner…

Here’s Diana being totally cute, while she patiently awaits her food.

Jessica, munching on a piece of shrimp.

Good chopstick technique, but I’m not sure that shumai is going to fit…

Well, okay, I’ve been wrong before!

Sarah gives Jessica a hand with a very full glass of Ginger Ale.

That was some finger-lickin’ good food! And check out those eyes!

I decided somewhere along the way that the food was too colorful and interesting to not photograph it. So here are some pictures of the very colorful and texturally interesting food. Notice that I didn’t mention yummy looking…I won’t eat most of it. Mine has to be dead, thoroughly cooked and still hot when served! Yes, I have tried sushi and sashimi, but it is NOT my thing!

Hiyashiwakame – seaweed salad…Jeff and my girls love it!

Chirashi – sashimi over a bowl of pressed rice…This was Jeff’s dinner.

Sushi combination – this was part of Erin’s dinner. I didn’t photograph it until she was nearly done with it.

Yakiniku Don…sliced beef in a yummy sauce over a bowl of rice. This is my favorite. In fact, our favorite waitress at the restaurant has now nicknamed me Yakiniku Don! UGH!!!! The yellow and pink stuff in the bowl are both pickled veggies. I think the Japanese will pickle just about anything! Not my favorite, but they make a pretty garnish anyway.


  1. Great photos, beautiful girls, such pretty food……………and a fine time was had by all!

  2. I agree…terrific photos, Carly! And terrific subjects! You are WAY braver than I. I have never tried anything that I didn’t think I would enjoy. (maybe I shouldn’t have told you that????)

    It is kind of funny when one carries a camera around and takes picutres of everything….including FOOD! hehehe But, wait, I am guilty, too…IF the sharks don’t strike BEFORE I can photogrph it!!!! hahahaha!

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