Strange Birds!

April 28, 2008

A couple days ago, Jeff and I gathered the kids and ran up to Starbucks (2 miles from our house, MMM!). Not having any real desire to go home, I was hoping to go do something. Jeff asked where we were going, so I said how about High Falls? To my shock, he agreed! More to my shock, he agreed that I should stop home and grab my camera! So after a brief stop at home, off we went to High Falls. It is in the middle of the city on the river, which drops 96 feet creating a lovely waterfall.  We took a walk across the bridge that spans the river at about the level of the waterfall.

As I looked down at the river below, I was pleased to see pairs of geese. They really are everywhere this time of year, but I always enjoy seeing them, and mourn their losses when one dies from an encounter with a car on the busy roadways. This is the perfect place for them, as everything they need is nearby, with no need to cross busy roadways.

As we first entered the bridge, the calls of a male Cardinal caught my attention. I love Cardinals, and am on a quest to capture the perfect Cardinal picture. As a side note…I realize I will not be likely to succeed in this endeavor until I obtain a telephoto lens! Anyway, undaunted by my (very) short lens, I set about searching for the source of the wonderful calls. Locating him, I was thrilled to find he was in a tree top just a short distance from my location on the bridge. I took several pictures of him, but this is the best, still sadly lacking!

The Cardinal, growing impatient from my flash that insisted on going off, flew away and under the bridge I was standing on. I quickly rushed to the other side in an attempt to get a better picture, when the cry “turkey” issued forth from Sarah’s mouth… I turned to explain that in the middle of the city, we were the only turkeys present. She insisted that she had seen a turkey, so I looked in the valley below…

This picture was actually taken quite awhile after the above conversation. The turkey went into a tree line along the river, making it impossible to find. Then a little while later, it reappeared, along with two of its friends…

Who would have thought you would find wild turkeys in the “wild” of the middle of a busy city?

After the excitement of finding turkeys in the city, I was supercharged for some serious picture taking. I took many pictures much to the dismay of my family. Normally they are quite tolerant, but when I stopped in the middle of the intersection of two streets (on foot) to take a picture, they thought I had lost all of my good sense. I then proceeded to drive along snapping pictures each time we came to a stop light. Here are a couple of my offerings from High Falls, but the others will have to wait, as I am awaiting the imminent arrival of the fridge repair guy…story for another time!

One comment

  1. Turkeys in the city is a pretty funny notion! Who would ever think of such a thing?

    Nice pictures and don’t worry…you will get the telephoto lens, camera equipment takes time! (but is worth the wait!!!!!)

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