I thought it was spring…

March 30, 2008

I tried to post this a couple days ago, lost it somehow, then found it in my drafts, so here it is. Since I started this, most of the snow is gone again.

Doesn’t this look like a beautiful spring day? Look at all those buds on the tree and that gorgeous blue sky!


Can you believe I took both the photo above and the one below on the same day? The tree in the one below looks perfect for a Christmas card…


All this snowing and thawing and raining, etc. has turned my back yard into a lovely swamp…swamp.jpg

I truly can’t wait for those lovely spring days when it gets warm during the day and cools off nicely at night! It is supposed to be in the 60’s on Tuesday, but with rain. I don’t really think my yard needs more rain!

One comment

  1. This weather has been so weird, but this wouldn’t be New York if the weather was calm and predictable! The wind os howling and blowing like crazy here at the moment. It was a really pretty day most of the day today.

    I so hope you don’t get a lot of rain. Wouldn’t be so great having to SWIM to the washing machine! It really does appear your back yard is pretty much thoroughly saturated!

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