Outdoor Fun

March 19, 2008

On Sunday we took the kids to an outdoor ice rink for some fun and exercise. I was feeling lousy so I opted to take pictures instead of skate. Jeff decided to keep me company instead of skating, so the kids got to go out on their own and have some fun.


Erin decided that she would skate with only her helmet, gloves, and obviously her skates. Normally she wears shin guards and pants as well. We were a bit concerned that she would hesitate because falling would hurt more than usual, but she proved us wrong and tore up the ice!



Sarah, being her usual silly self, provided us with this silly face which I couldn’t resist photographing!


It is sort of hard to tell, but if you look at Erin’s hair, you can tell that she was in motion. Both girls were jumping up and down on the ice in front of us. I can’t remember why now, but it was silly.


I took this one because I thought the steeple was cool, and it shows how nice the day was. It was a little windy and chilly, but the kids stayed plenty warm zooming around the rink.



  1. Oh, what fun! It appears the girls had a fun time, and that is cool!
    I really like the picture of the steeple. That is really cool!

  2. Did you notice Kyle hiding behind Erin in the second picture? I never did get a good picture of him…he kept hiding!

  3. Boys…

    Yes, I thought that was him! Gee, why are kids so afraid of getting their mug captured???

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