More on the Butterflies…

March 4, 2008

I was so tired yesterday that I could not think straight. As I read about ways to put a slide show into my blog, I inadvertently chose the ONE option that does not embed the show…go figure! I have since fixed that, and the show below will take place right here in my blog.

As we walked through the conservatory, there were many wonderful blue butterflies flying around, but I could not find any on something stationary that would allow me a good picture. I had yet to figure out how to turn on the feature allowing me to snap multiple pictures one right after the other, so I literally chased several of these elusive butterflies through the place all to little avail! There are two pictures in the slide show of the elusive Blue Morpho. I took 27 photos total in an effort to get one awesome picture of them, but I seem to have failed, for the pictures I have posted are the best I was able to capture, but only mediocre at that.

I posted the names of the butterflies that I could identify from other places. If there are any Lepidoptera experts out there and I have mistakenly identified any of these butterflies, please feel free to correct me!

[splashcast EUDM2393EC]

After checking out the butterflies, I had to check out the Niagara Gorge and the Falls.


Can you imagine getting in a cable car and traversing the Niagara Gorge? Yes, it is below the falls…but still!


See the cables running across the gorge? They are for the people crazy enough to get into that cable car!


If you enlarge the picture below and look very closely at the center of the picture below, you can see the power generation plant that the kids and I went to last summer.


Check out the thickness of that snow and ice pack! As you will see in the pictures below, the amount of ice is incredible. Jeff and the girls read about the Honeymoon Bridge. It was a steel arch bridge whose abutments were right at the river’s edge. In 1938, during a wind storm on Lake Erie, tons of ice was washed over the falls and jammed up near the bridge. The pressure from the ice was so great, that it pushed the bridge off it’s abutment on the American side, effectively causing it to pull from the abutment on the Canadian side. The entire span fell in one piece onto the ice. All that is left of the bridge today is the abutment on the American side, which now boasts a tall tower with an observation deck overlooking the American Falls. If you look at the picture of the Rainbow Bridge below, you will notice the arch abutment is set back a ways from the edge of the river.






After freezing our fingers, toes, and noses off at the river’s edge, we headed into Buffalo to grab a bite to eat. On the way, we saw a spectacular sunset, which of course looked so much better in person! I still like the photos I took of it.


One of our favorite places for food in Buffalo is Montana’s. I would have taken a picture of my dinner, except my family thought I was nuts when I suggested that I should get my camera from the trunk and take some photos. Eventually they will learn, but for now, I have to be patient with them.


This is a painting on the side of the restaurant. I thought it was just way too cool to not photograph. It was quite dark out when this photo was taken, so I was quite pleased with how it came out.


I am again exhausted beyond belief, so I am going to retire to my bed and get some shut eye! Hopefully there are not any terribly obvious typos, cuz I am simply too tired to proofread tonight!

Oh, one more…I think the reflection of the tower in the side of the Sheridan is soooo cool! I noticed it as we were getting in the car to leave the Canadian side. I hoped the picture would come out, and in fact it is much better than I had hoped for!



  1. An excellent set of photos, Carly. The ones of the Falls are so good, I was shivering just looking at them! Wow! It is hard to imagine all that ice and snow EVER melting. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Montana’s, eh? Will have to check that one out!

    Oh, I nearly forgot to say that the butterfly slideshow was very nice, too! Trying to “catch” a butterfly is nearly nightmarish!!! I remember last year chasing a swallowtail about for a few days before getting anything I thought was even the remotest “nice”. Butterflies=elusive!!!!

    Your photos are all lovely. And, isn’t it rewarding to use photos to tell a story? Photojournalism….gotta love it!

  2. […] Day was to go out to eat at Montana’s. You may remember a post from a couple years ago about Butterflies in which I mentioned Montana’s. Since that time, that location has closed and the only […]

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