The “Long” awaited Photographs!

February 24, 2008

Okay, I have only had the camera for about 48 hours, and “someone” keeps reminding me that I have yet to post pictures…

Sooooo, here they are…

Erin finally has all of her hockey equipment, so we took her skating in some of it this afternoon. As Jeff and the kids skated, I took 40+ pictures with my new toy. I had a blast!


Jeff offered some goal tending instruction as they skated.


Doesn’t she look happy?


After working up a good sweat on the ice, Erin was cold walking to the car without her coat, so she asked if she could borrow mine. I couldn’t resist this picture…



  1. Happy, happy hockey players! Loved the photos. Camera appears to be a success.

  2. Yay!!!! That first photo of Miss Erin is just terrific. Captures the real essence of Erin! For one reason or another, the second photo isn’t showing on my laptop. Grrrrr….The others are great!

    One suggestion….when I click on the photos you have entered, they are ginormous. When you upload, you might want to reduce your photos to like maybe 1000 x 800 pixels. I use Irfanview and my photos are a tad smaller than that, but when you click ’em, they don’t expand too large.

    I am so psyched! Cannot wait to see MORE!!!!

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