WOW! Three posts in one day!

February 22, 2008




More later…the battery is charging!


  1. Uh oh! I sense trouble in the air!!!! GOOD JOB, Carly!!!! Gosh, too bad you are so absolutely tired…..Well, take a QUICK nap, then you outta be good to get out and take some photos! BIG congratulations on getting the camera!! I know you are going to love it. AND, your photos are going to go from “wow!” to “WOW!”. Mark always thought I was kidding when I told him how much better photos are with an SLR. One day, though, after we spent some time looking at cameras, he couldn’t believe the difference. You are going to love it, trust me! Let the photos begin!!!! (and remember, even the most “hum-drum” things will now become “objets d’art”!)

  2. TAPPING FINGERS ON THE TABLE HERE….knowing full well that you can just add those batteries and begin taking photos without adjusting anything!

  3. Congratulations of the camera! I know how much you’ve wanted it, and what a pretty weekend you have to start using it.

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