Fixed Faucet

February 20, 2008

So I set out to fix the faucet on my kitchen sink on Sunday…

Here’s how the sink area looked when I started…

….here’s what it looks like now…


I will tell the story later; perhaps tomorrow. I must go find food now and get some sleep before work. I can’t use the sink for a couple more hours…the caulk needs to cure. I obviously have a couple more things to do, put in a 9 inch cabinet, put in a dishwasher, and put up trim and the light, but I am pretty pleased with the results so far!


  1. Wow, Carly! What an IMPROVEMENT!!! You must be so happy to see such a nice change! Everything looks fabulous! Keep this up and maybe you can become a GC!!! (IE, get other folks to work for YOU!)

    Give yourself a BIG pat on the back!

  2. It looks fantastic! We were starting to miss the blogger, glad you
    finally posted.

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