WW: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

December 26, 2007

When small creatures were stirring, only the mice…

Christmas Mice


  1. For anyone wondering…the bodies are Maraschino Cherries dipped in milk chocolate, the heads are Hershey’s Kisses, the ears are slivered almonds, and they are sitting on 1/2 Oreo cookies. I was going to put red icing eyes, but my “get up and go,” ran out.

  2. Those little rodents never looked so delicious! They are adorable 🙂 Happy WW!

  3. gosh, are those oreos on the bottom? I’m getting fat just thinking about how many of those I could consume!

    happy ww.

  4. Actually, those look quite yummy.

    Happy WW, and happy holidays.

  5. Those look yummy! Happy WW!

  6. Carly, those are adorable. And to think I am sitting here CRAVING something sweet!!!! I better show these to Michelle….she would love doing something like this! And, I bet Wegman’s has all of their Christmas wrapped Hershey’s Kisses on sale now….

    Great photo, too!!!

  7. Very creatively yummy!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy WW.

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