Snow Storm ’07

December 17, 2007

This storm was to be a big one! The winter storm warnings went up Friday, letting us know that by Saturday evening we would have white out conditions, blowing snow, icy temperatures, and generally nasty driving conditions. I was relieved to see that the warnings were from Saturday evening until Monday morning, since I had off work from 8 AM Saturday, ’til 11:30 PM Monday. I could stay in all weekend and not worry about traversing the roadways to work.

Saturday evening Jeff and I went looking for a pair of boots for him at about 8:30. The snow had just started and was icy and wet. We found boots at the first place we went, good thing! All night Saturday into Sunday the precipitation sounded like ice pelting the skylight in our bedroom. Normally I like the sound of rain on the window, but this was a little disconcerting. When I got up Sunday morning, there was a blanket of very icy, crystalline snow. Kyle and I cleaned off the car, shoveled the driveway, and went to buy milk and Starbucks drinks. No, I won’t let a little snow keep me from Starbucks, LOL!

At some point Sunday afternoon, the real snow began. Big, light, fluffy flakes! I don’t know how long it snowed, but when I woke up at 4 AM today, there was a lot more snow than when I went to bed last night! I began shoveling around 4 AM and stopped at 4:30. The icy stuff underneath made the snow removal difficult. I went out again around 7 AM, for another 15 minutes or so and finally cleared most of what I had wanted to clear. We have a postage stamp sized front lawn so finding places to put the snow, without having to haul it far, is the most difficult part of shoveling. Here are some pictures of the driveway and surrounding snow piles.




Almost all of the schools in the county are closed today. I am not sure if it is because of the snow or the wind chills, but I imagine there are many happy kids today! My own kids asked if they could play outside. I made them promise they would not throw snow at each other and that they would keep an eye on each other’s faces/exposed skin for signs of frostbite. I also told them they couldn’t go out until I took pictures of the snow they were about to “ruin.” They frequently get out there before I can capture the beauty of freshly fallen, unadulterated snow. Here is what I got…

The kids built a snow slide last time it snowed. The “sleeping giant” in the back yard is what remains of their slide. dcp_2502.jpg

dcp_2503.jpgThe “green thing” is a 12 inch ruler. Yes, we got a foot of snow! I had to clear an area for poor little Joe to use as a potty spot. When I took him out first thing this AM, before shoveling, he stopped as soon as he was out the door, peed, and ran back in the house. I guess the snow on his undercarriage was too much!


One comment

  1. Carly, you and I must have had the same idea! I took some winter scapes, but wasn’t able to post them until just a little bit ago!!!

    Great set of photos! Hmm….if we get much more snow, the kids are going to have to cart it into the backyard with their sleds! hehehe!

    These short-legged little pups of ours need STILTS for Christmas.

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