Dedicated or Insane?

December 17, 2007

I was told by a runner, that the conditions outside don’t matter, it is the running that is important. Apparently Kyle has found his passion…running. One week ago I asked him if he wanted me to register him for a series of 6 races, run over 3 months, called the Freezeroo. He said that would be neat, although 2 of the races are over distances that far surpass anything he has run to date. Fortunately he is not too discouraged if he has to stop and walk for a bit of any race, which I imagine he will need to do in the 7.5 and 8 mile races. The most he has run in a race so far is 4.1 miles.

Little did we know that this past weekend would dump the coldest air of the season so far, as well as 12 – 15 inches of snow on us. The race was Saturday morning at 10 AM. I left work at 8 AM, came home and checked the race website to see if the freezing wind chills would be cause for a cancellation. All I can say is these runners are nuts! But then I guess Jeff and I are as well, for we both went to his race and stood there on the side of a wide open road for about 45 minutes while Kyle warmed up, then ran the race. I made the girls wear their snowsuits so they were toasty warm. Here they are playing on the side of the road with another little girl they met at the race.Sarah


Erin and Friend

As we stood there waiting for the race to begin, I was amazed at all the joking and happy faces amongst the participants of this race. One girl was talking with some others and mentioned that she wasn’t wearing socks because she hates running in them. I looked down at her feet to find she was wearing running shoes similar to my own. My own toes, inside a pair of heavy athletic socks were nearing the numb stage. I am not sure how she did in the race, but I hope her toes are okay… A couple people ran in shorts, one guy crossed the finish line with his shirt in his hand, not on his back! I had on a heavy winter pull-over jacket, zipped up to my eyes, literally, the hood cinched down tight around my face, heavy winter gloves, and sneakers (I hate boots). I cannot understand the desire to put on next to nothing and go run in such weather. While getting ready to go, Jeff asked me to check the weather forecast. At 9 AM, one hour before the race began, it was 16 degrees F, but with the wind chill, it felt like 5 degrees F. For anyone reading this accustomed to Celcius, that’s -15 degrees C! BRRRRR!

So here is Kyle, about to cross the finish line in a final burst of speed. His official time was 27:48, which isn’t bad considering the hilly terrain and the frigid temps. It isn’t his best time, but not his worst either.

Kyle Finishing

This last picture is of “some guy” who won’t let me post his picture on my Blog. I think it is okay though since you can’t really tell who he is…
Mystery Man

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