Yet another race…

November 20, 2007

Kyle decided to run in the “Johnny’s Run Like Hell” on the weekend of Jeff’s birthday. The race was actually ON Jeff’s b-day, but he was happy to go spend an hour checking out the crazy costumes people wore to the race, and to see Kyle run. Being 4 days before Halloween, lots of people were dressed up in costumes. Johnny’s is a local bar, but the race was to support medical research for either CF or MD…can’t remember which one.

The race was fun to watch, and the day was almost perfect again. There was a bit of a breeze though, so I mentioned to Kyle that his time might not be as good as his last race. Leave it to Kyle to knock 2.5 minutes off his time from the weekend before. His time was 25:31, making it 8:14 a mile. Afterwards, we heard from some folks who have been running much longer than Kyle, that this was a tough race because of the rather hilly terrain. The hills aren’t big, but much of the course is uphill, including the last stretch to the finish line. Here is a picture of him after the race…


One comment

  1. A great shot of Kyle! Wow. Looks like he is going to be “collecting” tee shirts from all the races! And, to keep getting better and better times! That is so great. Kyle, keep on running!!!!!!

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