Wordless Wednesday

November 20, 2007

This picture was actually taken about 1 1/2 years ago in Niagara Falls. I have a slide show as my screen saver and when this picture came up and we all agreed it should be a WW.



  1. Funny! So…does she like taking photos?

  2. I agree, she is adorable!! Happy WW.


  3. She’s prettier than any flower on that bush! Great choice. God bless.

  4. It´s so cute. Great shot. Happy WW.

  5. Ellen, she is quite photogenic…and knows it! She loves to be in front of the camera.
    Bridget and Sandy, thank you. She is quite a beauty. Fortunately her Daddy is a big guy, and will easily scare away the boys!

  6. What a cutie clown!

  7. Well, Carly, she does blend in with the flowers quite well, but is HARDLY a “wallflower”! hehehehe

    Happy WW!

  8. She’s so cute and pretty. What are those lovely white flowers called? I don’t think we have them in Singapore.

  9. Aww how utterly cute! Happy WW

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