Sunday’s Race

November 20, 2007

I had intended to post this almost a month ago, but time just got away from me, and I was having issues posting pictures!

Kyle ran his second race on Sunday, Oct. 21. This race was a 5k on a relatively flat course at a local park. I don’t think the conditions could have been more ideal. It was about 65 degrees with sunshine and beautiful, puffy, white clouds. According to the final results, 280 people participated in the race, which probably didn’t include everyone, because some people were just walking, not running. It was to raise money for Crimestoppers, so some people were just there to support the cause and not to actually “race.” Of the 280 competitors, Kyle was 128th with a time of 28:08, meaning he ran 9:05 minute miles. He seemed happy with that, and it gives him something to work from.

Erin decided she wanted to enter the kids 1k run, so we let her try it out. It was rather amusing, as she got really tired out and strolled across the finish line, rather than running across. She enjoyed it, but was exhausted at the end.

Here are a couple pictures from the morning’s race.



One comment

  1. Goooooooooooooo, Kyle! That is terrific that Kyle is enjoying running so much. It is such a great activity and as long as he doesn’t have my “cousin weak knees”, go for it!!!!

    Erin cracks me up. What a funny kid she is! Of course, you never know whether you might like something until you try it, eh?

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