Birthiversary Gifts

November 20, 2007

When Jeff and I got married, we decided we should have the wedding between our birthdays, so we would be the same age when we tied the knot. Very silly, we know, but, well, that’s the way we are!  Jeff’s birthday is the end of October and mine is the end of November, so we got married right before Thanksgiving and my birthday. Since the kids birthdays are in July, August, and September, money is usually tight by our birthdays and anniversary, so we get each other little things for each and don’t think much of it. Well, this year we decided to go bigger, so we combined each gift into a “birthiversary” gift.

I love being surprised, but Jeff usually requests my input in deciding what to get me. I usually request something practical that I/we need. This year I told him I wanted to be completely surprised, so when he asked me to look at “this” on the computer and tell him if it was something I wanted, I told him to decide himself and surprise me! Well, he did, and this is what I got…


When I first started watching hockey in 1990, Jagr had just started playing for the Pittsburgh  Penguins. I thought he was a wonderful player, and for many years enjoyed watching him play for the Pens. When he left them and went to the Caps, I just couldn’t give up being a Pens fan. Jeff managed to find me a jersey with Jagr’s name/number in the Penguins old style that I like. It is waaaay cool!

Wanting to totally surprise Jeff, I decided to replace his wedding band. The band that we originally got for him had a depression in the underside of the band that would collect grime and irritate his finger to the point where he could no longer wear it without having a raw finger. About 2 years ago, he stopped wearing it altogether which bothered him enormously. We talked about getting new bands, but the timing was never good. I decided that I would get him a new one this year, so I went looking.

Apparently all jewelry stores sell pretty much the same wedding bands. Every store I went in (3 of them at the mall) had almost the exact same stuff, for the exact same prices. Tired of repeating the same information every time, I decided to just go for it in the 3rd store. I had little idea what he would like best, and no idea what size he needed. As I decided on a ring, I was concerned that he might not like it, or think it was too plain.

When he arrived home from work, I gave it to him and he was very pleased, saying he would have chosen the same thing himself. It was exactly what he wanted…whew!  Here it is…just the ring and his hand…he doesn’t like having his picture taken!


One comment

  1. Well, to say I am jealous would be an UNDERSTATEMENT! Course, I would have wanted a Lemieux jersey instead. hehehe…Jeff’s ring looks terrific, too. Happy Anniversary, guys! And, Happy B-day, too!

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