Kyle’s First Race

October 20, 2007

Kyle began running with a local running group about 1 month ago. He has enjoyed it a lot but up to this point he had just been practicing with the group at a couple local parks twice a week. When he first started running with the group, he wasn’t real sure about whether he would like it or not. After the first couple practices he seemed addicted! Now he runs with the group twice a week in addition to running or biking 3 or 4 times a week. It’s great to see him so excited and dedicated to something.

Last week the coach suggested that Kyle run in a 2k race that was being held at a local horse farm and sponsored by the group that he runs with. There was a 12k race for more experienced runners before the 2k. Kyle got to watch the older runners as they finished the 12k race, and he even helped collect the racers tags at the end of the race.

I think Kyle finished fourth in the 2k race, and maybe first in his age bracket, but most importantly he had fun. I was a little concerned since it started raining just as they started running. It was a bit chilly to begin with and then with the rain, it was really a rather unpleasant mix. I captured one, not so great picture of Kyle as he ran through one of the horse barns leading to the finish line.


The picture is a bit fuzzy, as I was using my Kodak and taking the picture from outside the barn looking in and Kyle was obviously in motion. I thought the fact that the horses were watching was kind of cool though. Of course, for anyone who knows anything about horses, the one on the right doesn’t look too happy with the whole situation. I don’t think he could lay those ears any flatter on his head than they already are! Good thing Kyle didn’t get too close!

Kyle runs his second race tomorrow. It is a 5k and it’s only a couple minutes from the house. Hopefully, for those of us watching the finish line it will be slightly warmer than today, but not too warm for the sake of the runners.

One comment

  1. Congratulations, Kyle! Job well done!

    Gads, I don’t think I could run to save my life! Of course, with the knee problems I had a youngster and into my 20’s, I guess I was never cut out to run anyway!

    Oh my…that horse DOES look annoyed. Can’t you just hear that Mister Ed voice asking, “Why are you running here in my barn?”

    Tell Kyle to keep up the great work!

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