So Sorry

October 15, 2007

To all of my faithful readers…all 3 of you…I have been so overwhelmed lately!

I work for a very large, up-scale grocery chain that is absolutely amazing. I worked there a few years ago for about a year while I was trying to decide what direction I wanted to go with my teaching career. After about a year of working overnights as a baker, I decided to go back to education in a slightly different capacity than teaching. It did NOT work out as planned, and I soon found myself looking for another job. I taught for one more year, then announced to Jeff, with much trepidation, that I was hanging up my teacher’s hat for good. I was not going to finish my Master’s degree (only 1 credit shy of a degree), nor was I going to secure my permanent certificate. I was really going to let it go. I had played with this thought for many years, and finally decided I could no longer bear to do something I hated so much. It wasn’t fair to me, my students, fellow educators, or (most importantly) my family. As of September 1, I am no longer certified to teach (sigh of relief). The last week in August I panicked for half a second and actually went to the website for the college where I nearly completed my Master’s to find out about enrolling to finish my 1 credit. I then went to the NYS Education Dept. website to file an extension, then realized I hate teaching high school and middle school! Why on earth would I decide to grasp at straws??? Fear of the unknown, I guess!

Anyway, back to my grocery store. About a year ago (1 year, 4 weeks, and 1 day ago to be exact) I went back to the bakery at the same store I worked in 5 years ago. Jeff and I talked about the jobs that I really liked that made me happy. Well, this is the one place I can say I actually loved. It is a truly fun place to work. The other wonderful about this company is that the sky is the limit as far as advancement potential goes. I went back part-time, but kept my eye on the internal job postings, looking for something full-time, or part-time at a higher pay grade. I found what sounded like a great job, I applied, interviewed, and was turned down. Then I found a full-time baking position at a store near my house. I applied, my paperwork was misplaced (extremely rare incident), so I obviously didn’t get that one either. I guess the third time is a charm (sort of). I applied for another full-time baking position at another store, interviewed, and was again turned down…I apparently impressed those interviewing me however, because they made a phone call and got me full-time status, in a training capacity, with no specific store. What all that means is that they felt I needed a little more experience in a couple areas, so they got me a full time gig while I am being trained. Then when a baking position opens in the area, I will get the position. I am thrilled to be full time and I get to stay in my current store until another position opens up, but… I have no idea where I will be placed, or when. It leaves a lot unknown still.

So for the past month or so, while I have been fretting over whether or not I would get a full-time position, my poor blog has taken a back seat. I haven’t really taken any pictures either. I do have a few I will post from a couple weeks ago, but all in all I have done very little except work, sleep, and school the kids. I will try to be better about blogging now.

One comment

  1. Ah Carly, life is so full of question marks. When we think we have things figured out, along comes another one of life’s upsets to blindside us. There are no guarantees…That is why faith is so important! We *need* that unseen hand to guide us through this (seemingly) dimly lit corridor of life.

    As you can surmise from reading my blog, life is oftimes bankrupt in the “exciting” department, but try to just make light of some of the strangest things that happen in my life! hehehe

    We really need to get you that camera! Something reassuring and strangely calming about life through the lens!

    Just remember that although we aren’t always there physically, we are certainly there with you in spirit! And also remember that although it feels like you are pushing that big unseen boulder uphill right now, you will reach the crest, and the boulder *will* lighten a bit!

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