Back to the Cemetery!

September 16, 2007

After we went to the cemetery in the neighboring city, I discovered that there is a Frank Lloyd Wright design in that cemetery. It is the Blue Sky Mausoleum. We had to go back to that city on Tuesday, so I took along the camera (of course) and went back to the cemetery.
Here it is from across the spring that it overlooks.

The next three pictures are just from different angles and distances, with the third one being my favorite. I want to go back and photograph it at dusk, as I think it would look amazing then.

This is another of my favorites of the day. It is across the spring from the Blue Sky Mausoleum. I just really like the composition and the colors.

This was taken from the bottom of the mausoleum, looking straight across the spring. Beautiful, isn’t it? Whenever I go to this cemetery, I feel as though I am in a park, not a cemetery. Clarke, who designed the cemetery, intended for it to become a place where people could come and stroll and take in the natural beauty and admire the artistic sculptures. I believe his vision has been realized and then some!

After photographing the mausoleum, we drove around photographing other things that caught our attention. This headstone stood out among those around it. If you click to enlarge it, you will see how beautiful it is.

This monument is apparently the very elaborate top of the tomb in which the man portrayed in the scene inside the glass, is buried. There is actually a sign on one side of the monument that says the man is buried below the floor of the structure. I don’t even want to think about why it might be necessary to mention that!

This bench Erin is sitting on is one of four that faces the above monument.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just want to scream “what is wrong with you?” at your kids when you suddenly realize that they probably have no clue that what they are doing is stupid? Well, enter the wild turkeys! As we pulled around a bend, we saw two of them. I really wanted a picture, so I jumped out of the car and slowly began creeping up on them. My MIL went with us and was driving, so I had to go around the van to get to them. Well, Kyle decided he was going to get out and take a picture as well. Not understanding that wild turkeys can easily outrun humans, Kyle took off running after them…need I say more? Then when Sarah jumped out running, all hope was lost. I went sulking back to the van, while the two hooligans chased the poor fowl through the cemetery. Kyle managed to get one okay shot. Needless to say, my children now know that turkeys run very fast and that Mom really wants to photograph one and they better not get involved next time!

One comment

  1. Frank Llyod Wright’s mausoleum is certainly a low rider, isn’t it? It seems so weird that so many beautiful artifacts are found in a cemetery, of all places. Makes you wonder if people saved all their money to buy a really GREAT gravestone. I mean, those things aren’t cheap…was evryone wealthy? Hardly think so! Looks like maybe their stone is grander than their home was! I really like that one stone with the cabin on it…looks like they both passed at relatively young ages.

    I gotta tell you, the turkey caper nearly did me in! I laughed so hard, thinking about two wild-eyed kids chasing after turkeys, cameras in hand! That is enough to get me laughing, as I have seen Ben chase a turkey or two before. But, add a GRAVEYARD to the mix, and it brings to mind a situation from Larry, Moe, and Curly!!! hehehe

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